What is investing in a resort?

To generate a profit , any real estate investment is going to have to have tenants ….but if the hotel’s in a good market , it’s got good management and it’s associated with a good brand ,we’re willing to suggest that much of the time ,hotel investment is going to be uniquely lucrative . The number of investments being made in resort real estate continues to rise. The key to the success of places like our Club Corsica resort is a combination of amenities, convenience and returns .The purchase of a second holiday home continues to be one of the most popular investments among professionals and NRI’s of our country making that purchase in a resort like ours makes it possible, on the one hand, enjoy staying in your own cottage with the conveniences and amenities of a resort. On the other, you’re able to share revenue to make money while you’re away.

Benefits of investing in a resort?

  • It’s an investment that produces easy returns

    The purchase of a cottage in a resort is one of the most profitable real estate investments on the market today .You buy a cottage that is part of a resort chain. You’re free to choose the days or months of the year that you want to use it yourself, and the rest of the time the resort manages its rental.

  • Professional management of the property easy returns

    The cottage you buy is, of course ,your property , As an owner ,you have full rights to it with all the benefits that implies you can sell your cottage when you see fit ,as it’s a part of your personal assets .but if what you want to do is earn income from it when you are away ,you won’t need to manage or take care of property . all of these management tasks will be carried out by the resort’s administrative team.

    The condo hotels in resorts like Club Corsica have professional departments dedicated to customer service for owners and guests.

  • Security services ,housekeeping ,and daily maintenance : fewer things to worry about

    Security is one of the chief worries of owners who only use their real estate as a holiday .That’s why our condo hotel complexes offer the maximum levels of security possible. No matter where you are , you can be confident that your cottage is being looked after. In addition , housekeeping and maintenance services are carried out by resort staff. your property will always be in perfect condition when you or your guests arrive for vacation.

  • Luxury Sport and leisure facilities: value added

    As a 4- Star property, our Club Corsica resort offers the best sport and leisure facilities to your guests .Swimming pools, mini golf courses, adventure sports , a Spa ,yoga and nature therapy are just a few of the amenities that the owners of our communities enjoy. Both owners and guests seek out a dynamic, entertainment –filled environment for their holidays.