Sorry, in that case you can’t buy cottage at any of our resorts run by Mukand Holidays & Resorts Pvt. Ltd. as company sells resort cottages only on sale & lease back model.

No, as a cottage owner, you will be sharing room rent and the revenue generated by all other activities like adventure sports, swimming pool, party lawn, spa & nature therapy i.e. the total revenue will be shared with you. A cottage owner will be served as a partner in the resort .

Once you have made the complete payment for the cottage you buy, you can use your CASHBACK OFFER after the first active year of our resort. If you do not wish to use it for your personal use, then you can book it on our mobile app in a particular year, the total amount received for that booking (Excluding taxes) will be given to you. You can also gift the cashback offer booking. The proof of identity on request from MHRPL.

NOTE: Maximum of 1bookings can be done in a calendar year.

No, GREEN membership will be free for all our cottage owners. A cottage owner will be served as a partner and will enjoy numerous benefits as well as revenue sharing.

You can sell the cottage owned by you at any time in future. Log in on the Home page of the website or log in to our mobile app and follow the instructions.

Log in on the Home page of the website

If you have not previously registered, then use your membership number in the username and create your password.

On logging in , you will be directed to your own dashboard.

Use the My Bookings tab to make your reservations online. Follow the tips on the right hand side to complete the booking process.

You can make bookings for the primary member, co applicant, guests and direct dependents. You can also make bookings for your Special offer Alternately you may also log in to our mobile App to make our bookings.

Get queries answered by a Holiday Advisor.

Your membership card and photo identity card is a must at the time of check in.

Note: It is advisable to carry the cottage owner’s membership card with you. All other details will be available on our mobile app, It contains all the relevant information from how to get there, to which facilities and activities you can avail of once you reach as well as all complimentary benefits available to you as a cottage owner.

You have an option to gift these nights to your friends’ n family. In case, after that also you are left with any no. of nights unused, we will not let them waste, you will be given points for these left nights which will be redeemed on our mobile app for different offers from us. We recommend to fully use these nights as we want you to travel more n more.

RCI is a holiday exchange network with over 2 million members, across the world. Our affiliation to RCI will let you access the RCI exchange network, which includes over 4300+ resorts across the world. Mukand Holidays & Resorts Pvt. Ltd. will offer a complimentary RCI membership to all our cottage owners. Your RCI enrollment will be processed on realization of the complete payment of the cottage.

After your enrollment is complete (within 45 days), you will receive your RCI Membership Kit, with your personalised number from RCI. This kit will also have all the relevant details on how to use your RCI membership.

Standard exchanges for which you need to deposit (exchange) your entitlement week from your membership.

Your RCI membership number.

Multiple choices of destinations and dates you would like to holiday in.

For more details please log on to

Note: There is an exchange fee that RCI charges, which needs to be paid along with your request. This fee will vary depending on the type of exchange, season & apartment type of the confirmed holiday.

If you don't get your holiday immediately confirmed, it is best to place your request in 'Search'.

Sorry, pets are not allowed at the resorts.

The returns are yearly to create system level efficiencies as accounting for revenue and depositing/transferring funds monthly will add additional resource/cost burden on the system. As well as we have huge revenue from destination weddings, which is again not every month activity.

Yes. If for any reason, you want to sell your property (exit investment), you can do so. However, the lock-in period comprises duration of property construction, and till the resort is completely operational.

Yes. we will help you resell your suite/cottage.

No, as the returns are based on the pooled income of the cottages/rooms in the resort and other activities of the resort.

Mukand Holidays & Resorts will take care of the operations and will therefore, manage operational expenses as well.

Mukand Holidays & Resorts will pay for the property maintenance.

No. Mukand Holidays & Resorts ensures timely maintenance of the property.

Since the property is registered legally to you, you are responsible for paying the taxes.However, Mukand Holidays & Resorts will withhold the fractional amount from every quarterly payment and make the complete payment on your behalf in a timely manner and provide you with the receipt.

No, owners are not entitled to remodel or reconstruct the unit.

Absolutely! In fact, a majority of our enquiries come from NRIs.

Yes, after obtaining an NOC from Mukand Holidays & Resorts, you can sell the suite/cottage to a third party buyer. If required, Mukand Holidays & Resorts is also willing to assist you with the sale.

Yes, you can gift the resort suite/cottage to your child/children.

Yes, you can use the property to raise funds. Please contact Mukand Holidays & Resorts for more details.