Your Second Income for a Lifetime and more.

Safe and high-yielding investment options in India are far and few. Either the liquid assets are too risk-intensive or the non-liquid ones don’t offer high year-on-year returns. For instance, investing in a real estate project has always been an integral part of one’s investment portfolio. However, disparity in land cost and rental price have reduced the ROI to a dismal 2-3%. While investing in commercial properties does yield better returns, it demands higher investments, greater maintenance costs, and an unusually high turnover ratio.

It is here that Mukand Holidays & Resorts offers a unique investment opportunity.

By investing in Mukand Holidays & Resorts offerings, you can leverage commercial grade returns, coupled with no-maintenance and relatively risk-free options.

Mukand Holidays & Resorts

Mukand Holidays & Resorts is pioneering a new business model – ‘GO GREEN, INVEST GREEN’. This will help build a sustainable return option for the urban investor while providing them with a guaranteed second income for a lifetime.

Asset-Backed Investment

With the sole purpose of promoting solid assets, Mukand Holidays & Resorts has created an asset-driven market. Investors can now buy an undivided share of our resort land and avail multiple benefits, some of which include: Complete ownership rights to fully furnished and air-conditioned rooms in our suites/cottages, year round Leasing back your high yield and no-maintenance share to promoters for commercial grade returns

Small Ticket Investments

To make investments affordable and hassle-free, we provide flexible investment options to choose from. These include: Varying investment slots starting from ₹25 Lakh to ₹59 Lakh Customized payment options such as one-time payment with attractive discounts or construction-linked payment schedules

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